Fun Facts about our Orchestra Members

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We come from all over the world...

China, Russia, South Korea, Belarus, England, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and 22 states in the United States. 


We have been trained at the most prestigious conservatories, universities, and orchestral academies throughout the world.  



We have advanced degrees in music performance, music education, chamber music, mathematics, statistics, liberal arts, biology, chemistry, French, art history, and Greek literature. Nearly all of our members have master's degrees and /or artist diplomas.  One member holds three master's degrees - one in music and two in mathematics.


We participate in prestigious international music festivals.


We have donated our talents to our community.

We bring our own precious instruments to our Kennedy Center performances. The aggregate worth of our equipment and instruments, some of which are irreplaceable, is over $2.75 million. The maintenance and repair of these instruments is undertaken personally by each musician.


Our members have a vast array of hobbies, activities and interests.

Over the past four decades...

the KCOHO has become a world class orchestra. Four of our current members were part of the original group of Opera House musicians that later became the KCOHO. Nine members were hired by our second Music Director, John Mauceri. The majority of our current members were hired by Heinze Fricke, who was Music Director from 1993 - 2010. It was during this time that the orchestra began holding highly competitive internationally advertised auditions. Eight more members were hired by our most recent Music Director, Philippe Auguin. Musicians from all over the world compete for positions in our orchestra. The winners of these auditions are among the top orchestral players in the world.

We take pride not only in our musical gifts and dedication, but also in our rich lives and diverse interests

We are the parents of 71 children and grandparents of 19. We are active in the life of the community as volunteers, chamber musicians, teachers, and performers in our places of worship.

In short, we are your neighbors. Please come to the pit and say hello to us. We want to meet you!



The Members of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra