Our members have a vast array of activities, hobbies and interests. These include:

Skiing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, astronomy, fishing, interior design, flute repair, farming, home building and renovation, disc golf, and stunt kites. Some are involved in challenging sports such as spelunking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain climbing - one member is a Fourteener Climber. We have a member who attends a flying trapeze school, one attends ballet school, and another is a fine wrist watch collector. We have a pilot, a ham radio enthusiast, and a bagpipe player. Several members roast their own coffee beans at home, and we have a few gourmet cooks and bakers. We also have a competitive archer who is a three-time Virginia State Archery Champion and a two-time State Record holder.

One KCOHO member conducts orchestras all over the world and is also the founder and director of a summer music festival. Another member is the founder and artistic director of a performing arts ensemble that presents music in concert with other arts and media, making music more accessible and alive to diverse audiences. Another member developed and oversees a pilot program - in conjunction with Howard University and the Kennedy Center - which provides training for students on orchestral instruments. One of our members is the conductor of a DC area university orchestra, and another cofounded and directs a nonprofit chamber music group. We also have a researcher who is unearthing and publishing the lost manuscripts of a late romantic period Italian composer. One member is writing a book on intonation, and another is a Reiki Master. One member was a child actor and model who appeared in commercials and magazine advertising. He played the role of the student percussionist in the movie, Mr. Holland’s Opus and also appeared in the We Sing Together children’s videos.